Global Gourmet Games 2017  

After you've taken a crack at these questions, scroll to the end for the answers.

1. Which of the following facts is not true about "Murder on the Orient Express?"

a) Originally published as "Murder in the Calais Coach."
b) Has sold more copies than any other Agatha Christie novel.
c) At the novel's end, Detective Hercule Poirot reveals that there was not one, but 12 murderers on the Orient Express.
d) Poirot is a retired Belgian police detective.
e) Poirot initially boards the Orient Express in Istanbul.


2. Which of the following is ranked No. 1 as an anti-inflammatory food?
a) Wild salmon
b) Anchovies
c) Herring
d) Mackerel
e) Caviar


3.Which of these is a credible way to detect counterfeit wine?
a) Open it and taste it.
b) Test the wine's plonk and crosscheck it to the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée database.
c) Determine the age and appellation by authenticating the cork.
d) Measure the depth of the bottle's punt and compare it to similar bottles.
e) Examine gamma rays emitted from the bottle to detect suspicious radioactivity.


4.Which of the following is true about papayas?
a) They're classified as trees.
b) They do not bear fruit for up to two years.
c) Their botanical family name is actinidiaceae.
d) They're classified as berries.
e) In the U.S., papayas are grown in only three states: Hawaii, Florida and Texas.


5. Which one of the following terms is NOT from the world of winemaking?
a) Fiasco
b) Worser
c) Hock
d) Triage
e) Goon




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