Global Gourmet Games 2021

After you've taken a crack at these questions, scroll to the end for the answers.

Which of the following transactions was not funded through the historic Riggs Bank in Washington, D.C.?

a. Samuel Morse’s telegraph
b. War of 1812
c. Mexican-American War
d. 1868 purchase of Alaska
e. Robert Peary’s first expedition to the North Pole

Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE about onions?

a. Ancient Egyptians worshiped them. The concentric rings were a symbol of eternity.
b. During the Middle Ages, onions were used as gifts and currency; you could even pay the rent.
c. Maui onions are grown in Hawaii.
d. By law, in Blue Hill, Nebraska, no female wearing a “hat that would scare a timid person” may eat onions in public.
e). India produces more onions than any other country.

Which of the following cockney slang terms is NOT properly matched?

a. Mince pies  —  Eyes
b. Custard and jelly  — Money
c. Bread and cheese  — Sneez
d.  Rub-a-Dub  — Pub
e. Bubble bath  — Laugh

Which of the following names is NOT used for the sweet potato?

a. Purple Passion Potato
b. Delta Blues Potato
c. Sweet Caroline Potato
d. Okinawa Sweet Potato
e. Beauregard Sweet Potato

Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE?

a. Some corks are bleached to make them appear more appealing.
b. Some corks are filled with glue and cork dust to improve its quality.
c. A high-quality cork will cost about $0.50.
d. Screw caps can be produced with calculated levels of oxygen ingress.
e. A ‘corked wine’ will have floating pieces of cork in the bottle or a cork covered in little white crystals.


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