Global Gourmet Games 2021
20th annual Global Gourmet Games. Mission:Possible. 2021 Global Conference October 16-20, 2021

Saturday, October 16, 2021
5:30 PM Cocktails | 6:45 PM Dinner
The Wilshire Garden

The 20th annual Global Gourmet Games will premiere an entirely new al fresco dining experience in a uniquely designed space that takes full advantage of the safest health protocols in an inventive setting that ignites your taste buds and gets your competitive juices flowing.

We call it Mission:Possible.

And whether you’ve been a fan of Jim Phelps and crew in the 1960s and 1970s TV series Mission:Impossible, or Ethan Hunt’s swashbuckling heroics in the current movie franchise, we’ve prepared an adventurous evening of fun and excitement for you. There’s fine dining, our one-of-a-kind competitive food and wine tastings, a set of special Agent Briefings and quizzes, and of course, our inimitable, congenial and spirited atmosphere.

As always, this evening of great fun is hosted for an even greater cause. This year, proceeds from the dinner will go to the FasterCures Partnering for Patients program, which not only worked for decades to accelerate medical research and save lives, but has spent the past 18 months taking a prominent leadership role in monitoring treatments and vaccines for Covid-19. Looking forward, Partnering for Patients shines a light on public health priorities as we continue to grapple with COVID-19, and supports biomedical innovation that will drive better health outcomes for individuals and communities.

With an independent voice, FasterCures is working to build a system that is effective, efficient, and driven by a clear vision: working with our partners to build a patient-centric system where science is accelerated, unnecessary barriers are overcome, and lifesaving and life-enhancing treatments get to those who need them as rapidly as possible.